'Dear Old Kit'': The Historical Christopher Carson by Harvey Lewis, Carter

By Harvey Lewis, Carter

The determine of equipment Carson strides during the literature of the yankee West in heroic measurement. dealer, trapper, scout, brigadier normal of recent Mexico Volunteers, and lots of different issues along with, he has appealed to the general public mind's eye as no different frontiersman has. Many biographies and who types of his “autobiography” were released. but a lot of the legend nonetheless continues to be separated from the proof, proclaims the writer of this new biography.“I am an admirer of Carson,” says Mr. Carter, “and haven't any want intentionally to debunk him, yet i'm attracted to correcting the statements of uncritical hero worship many via many writers.”Kit is permitted to talk for himself, so far as attainable, via a precise transcription of his dictated memories made up of the manuscript within the Newberry Library, Chicago. people and areas are basically pointed out, and Kit’s slips of reminiscence are corrected within the definitive annotation of his account. 100 years of hypothesis concerning the id of the guy who transcribed Carson’s tale is ended. Mr. Carter has tested optimistic id, in line with rigorously assembled proof. a brand new overview of Kit’s personality and popularity is integrated, in addition to an annotated account of the final years of his lifestyles.

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He was interviewed by a reporter for the Washington Union, which published an abbreviated story of his life in its issue of June 16, 1847. This was on the occasion of his first trip to Washington 3 Senator Benton was especially important in keeping Carson in the public eye during the events of Frémont's third expedition and the subsequent controversy between Frémont and Kearny. Frémont's Memoirs of My Life (New York, Chicago, 1887) dealt fully with the third expedition and were responsible for keeping interest in Carson from waning, but the Memoirs were by no means as widely read as the Reports.

The party numbered twenty-eight in all and was well armed but very scantily supplied with food. " His extreme caution extended to the campfire in whose light he would never linger, and to his sleeping arrangements with half-cocked pistols and rifle conveniently laid out. We are told how he conducted conversations with a party of Digger Indians, passing around his own pipe for the ceremonial smoke; how he related the story of Tabeau's death five years earlier and pointed out the spot as they passed; how he explained the numerous bones of horses by telling the story of Old Bill Williams and the great horse stealing raid on California in 1840 (in which Carson was not a participant).

Frémont's Memoirs of My Life (New York, Chicago, 1887) dealt fully with the third expedition and were responsible for keeping interest in Carson from waning, but the Memoirs were by no means as widely read as the Reports. Page 10 as a dispatch bearer and the story concentrated chiefly on his recent adventures in California, especially the Klamath Lake fight. 4 Frémont's Reports not only gave Carson his first push up the ladder of fame, but also they have remained a reliable source of factual information concerning him.

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