Daily Life in Revolutionary China (Modern reader ; PB-282) by Maria A. Macciocchi

By Maria A. Macciocchi

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God's Chinese Son: The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan

No matter if learn for its robust account of the biggest rebellion in human background, or for its foreshadowing of the poor convulsions suffered by means of twentieth-century China, or for the narrative strength of a good historian at his most sensible, God's chinese language Son has to be learn.

At the guts of this background of China's Taiping uprising (1845-64) stands Hong Xiuquan, a failed pupil of Confucian doctrine who ascends to heaven in a dream and meets his heavenly kinfolk: God, Mary, and his older brother, Jesus. He returns to earth charged to eliminate the "demon-devils," the alien Manchu rulers of China.

His luck contains him and his fans to the heavenly capital at Nanjing, the place they rule a wide a part of south China for greater than a decade. Their decline and fall, wrought by way of inner department and the unrelenting army pressures of the Manchus and the Western powers, hold them to a hell on the earth. Twenty million chinese language are left useless.

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