Culture and Value: Revised Edition by Ludwig Wittgenstein

By Ludwig Wittgenstein

Thoroughly revised all through, tradition and cost is a range from Wittgenstein's notebooks -- at the nature of artwork, faith, tradition, and the character of philosophical job.

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Page 47 Wagnerian drama too is not drama, but a stringing together of situations as if on a thread, which for its part is only cleverly spun but not, like the motifs & situations, inspired. 1941 Page 47 Don't let yourself be guided by the example of others, but by nature! 1941 62 Page 47 The language used by philosophers is already deformed, as though by shoes that are too tight. 1941 Page 47 The characters in a drama arouse our sympathy, they are like people we know, often like people we love or hate: The characters in the second part of Faust don't arouse our sympathy at all!

9<)> It is typical of the Jewish mind to understand someone else's work better than he understands it himself. Page 17 When I have had a picture suitably framed or have hung it in the right surroundings I have often caught myself being as proud as though I had painted the picture. Actually that's not right: not "as proud as though I had painted it" but as proud as though I had helped to paint it, as though I had so to speak painted a little bit of it. It is as if an exceptional arranger of grasses were at last to think that he too had produced at least a quite tiny blade of grass himself.

Bruckner on the other hand does go with a film. MS 157a 44v: 1934 or 1937 Page 29 The queer resemblance between a philosophical investigation (perhaps especially in mathematics <)> and one in aesthetics. g. ) MS 116 56: 1937 Page Break 30 The edifice of your pride has to be dismantled. And that means frightful work. MS 157a 57r: 1937 Page 30 In one day you can experience the horrors of hell; that is plenty of time. MS 157a 57r: 1937 44 Page 30 There is a big difference between the effect of a script that you can read fluently & one that you can write but not decipher†a easily.

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