Creating Racism: Psychiatry's Betrayal by Citizens Commission on Human Rights

By Citizens Commission on Human Rights

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O. D. O. D. D. D. D. D. D. Citizens Commission on Human Rights Board Member Isadore M. Chait Founding Commissioner Dr. D. Bev Eakman Nickolai Pavlovsky Prof. Anatoli Prokopenko Religion Rev. O. O. O. de CCHR Greece Citizens Commission on Human Rights 65, Panepistimiou Str. nl CCHR Hungary Citizens Commission on Human Rights Hungary Pf. O. com CCHR Monterrey, Mexico Citizens Commission on Human Rights Monterrey, Mexico (Comisión de Ciudadanos por los Derechos Humanos —CCDH) Avda. Madero 1955 Poniente Esq.

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