Connected Mathematics 2: Prime Time / Factors and Multiples by PRENTICE HALL


  • Soft-bound, 3-hole-punched to slot in scholars' binders
  • 4-color with a fascinating Unit Opener, Investigations, go browsing net codes, ACE Homework, Mathematical Reflections, a Unit venture, on reflection and looking out forward, and a word list of phrases in English and Spanish
  • Available in English and Spanish

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Multiple Choice Choose the number that is the product of exactly three different prime numbers. F. 15 G. 20 H. 30 J. 57 18. Find all the numbers less than 100 that are the product of exactly three different prime numbers. For: Help with Exercise 18 Web Code: ame-1418 For Exercises 19–24, find the greatest common factor and the least common multiple for each pair of numbers. 19. 36 and 45 20. 30 and 75 21. 78 and 104 22. 15 and 60 23. 32 and 45 24. 37 and 12 Connections 25. Mr. Rawlings has 60 cookies.

28. Allie’s eccentric aunt, May Belle, hides $10,000 in $20 bills under her mattress. If she spends one $20 bill every day, how many days will it take her to run out of bills? 29. a. What factor is paired with 6 to give 48? b. What factor is paired with 11 to give 121? 30. Using the terms factor, divisor, multiple, product, and divisible by, write as many statements as you can about the number sentence 6 3 8 = 48. 31. Multiple Choice Which number is a prime number? F. 91 G. 51 H. 31 J. qxd 3/11/05 9:07 AM Page 34 32.

Nothing was left over. The drama teacher did not eat. How many cast members might have been at the party? Explain. 29. Make up a word problem that you can solve by finding common factors. Then make up a different word problem that you can solve by finding common multiples. Solve your problems, and explain how you know that your answers are correct. 30. Multiple Choice Neena has 54 smiley-face stickers, 36 glittery stickers, and 81 heart stickers. She wants to divide the stickers evenly among her friends.

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