Confessions of a Spy: The Real Story of Aldrich Ames by Pete Earley

By Pete Earley

The writer of Family of Spies draws on interviews with KGB undercover agent Aldrich Ames and the brokers who stuck him to provide an intensive account of the guy and the unparalleled harm he did to the CIA. 80,000 first printing. $75,000 ad/promo.

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Or are you asking me if I am playing a role right now? Am I spinning an illusion for you and your readers? Hiding my true self? Am I trying to manipulate you into creating an image of me in your book that I am concocting as we speak? • Do I even know for sure what my own feelings are? Have I become my perceived role? Or is the role that I perceive, the true me? None of this is easy for me to answer because I know that I often feel artificial as a person, as if I am somehow forced into playing some role or have drifted into playing roles that are different from who I actually am.

Aid programs were still banned in Burma, but the government allowed academics to do research there. If Carleton would apply for a sabbatical from his teaching job, the CIA would arrange for him to receive a study grant from the privately funded Catherwood Foundation to conduct research in Burma, the stranger explained. As far as anyone would know, Carleton would be writing a college textbook, a natural follow-up to his doctoral thesis, but he would actually work as a CIA officer. The agency would give him the names of Burmese politicians and military leaders it wanted interviewed.

In 1964, Rick's youngest sister, Alison, became so despondent that Carleton and Rachel were afraid that she might kill herself. Psychiatrists said the twenty-year old was suffering from schizophrenia, but Rachel blamed herself. She decided that she had demanded too much from all three of her children. That was part of the reason why Rick had flunked out of college and why Alison was now depressed. Everyone in the family visited Alison as often as the hospital allowed, except for Rick. He went once and that was it.

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