Concepts And Applications In Agricultural Engineering by Dash, N.B. & Mohanty, M.K.

By Dash, N.B. & Mohanty, M.K.

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31 KJ/ kgmole-K • m, V, P, T represents mass, volume, Pressure and temperature of ambient air respectively Case 2: For an engine (a) For liquid fuel or fuel ofC! engine Volumetric efficiency (rh) can be calculated from the following formula -A = -A= QA X P A = (1'/v x QJx P A F·· F F F• Notations: . -A = aIr. 7) P = indicated mean effective pressure (IMEP) Break Thermal Efficiency, BTE Break thermal efficiency is variedly known as engine thermal efficiency or net engine efficiency or thermal efficiency or simply as efficiency.

Ring gear ~ Rear half axle Final drive ~ ~ Bull gear Rear wheel Note: • • • • • Bevel pinion and ring gear are parts inside differential Ring gear is known as crown gear or crown wheel Final drive gear is known as jinal gear Bull gear is known as jinal drive Differential is known asjinal differential unit. Schematic diagram of power flow Engine ~ I21tNGTd ~ Bevel pinion ~ 52 Farm Machinery and Power Left rear wheel O=;I~ 1 ~:::::::::::::----=;----' 2nNLRTLR I Right rear ~Uel I 2nNRRTRR Fig. 2) 2nNRTR= 2nNeTe x TJG X TJo .

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