Comprehensive Organic Reactions in Aqueous Media by Chao-Jun Li

By Chao-Jun Li

An in depth replace of the vintage reference on natural reactions in water released virtually a decade in the past, the 1st version has served because the consultant for examine during this burgeoning box. because of the expense, protection, potency, and environmental friendliness of water as a solvent, there are lots of new functions in and educational laboratories. greater than 40 percentage of this greatly up-to-date moment version covers new reactions. For ease of reference, it truly is geared up by means of useful teams. A center reference, accomplished natural Reactions in Aqueous Media, moment version: * presents the main entire insurance of aqueous organicreactions on hand * Covers the elemental ideas and conception and progresses to functions * comprises alkanes, alkenes, aromatics, electrophilic substitutions, carbonyls, alpha, beta-unsaturated carbonyls, carbon-nitrogen bonds, natural halides, pericyclic reactions, photochemical reactions, click on chemistry, and multi-step syntheses? * offers examples of functions in undefined this can be the preferable reference for chemists and chemical engineers in or learn, in addition to for college students in advanced-level classes.

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