Common Insect and Mite Galls of the Pacific Northwest by Hiram Larew

By Hiram Larew

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However, these two factors may not always be clearly distinguished in statistics about salvage felling (JancarN et al. 1993). 8 %. 1975 1977 ~. =~. + 197~ ~ ~ 1981 1981 ~ 1991 • • • 1993 1995 N m ~" F ~ ~ • • 1989 I g~ o m 1 9 9 5 ~ 1995 1993 1991 m 1991 m mm 1995 m 1993 Iiim m 1991 im k 1989 i 1989 1989 mm 1987i m 1985iN mm 1971 m m m 1969 m m m 1998 m i ~ m 1967 i - - " ~ 1965 m 1963 i 1987 ............. lj!! mlim 1 1987]~ I m 1985 1985 m 1987 I 1983 1983 m I m 1981 1973 1971 1979 • | 1969 1979~ 1973 1971 | 19699| ,| 1967 1979 I N' N' ~ ) 1977 19771xl ~ 1971 ~ ~ ~ 1975 1975~ 1969 ~ | 1967i 1965 1967 1965 " ~, ~ 1963 1965 1963 ~ ....

12. Fluctuations in the number of days with rime (above) and glaze (below) at Milegovka in the periods (a) 1905/06-1995/96. (b) 1905/06-1927/28. (c) 1928/29-1957/58 and (d) 1958/59-1995/96. Smoothed by the Gauss filter (10 years) and completed by the linear trend. Years in the graph are marked according to the year in which the month of January occurs Chapter 2 - Impacts on forests in the Czech Republic 39 For this analysis, the occurrence of snow days with new snow depths of > 10 cm was selected.

Some salvage felling can sometimesbe postponed to the following year because of the occurrence of a disaster (such as gale). 22 R. Br~izdil meteorological factors were primarily responsible for the salvage felling, but in 1993-1995 biotic factors (insects, fungal diseases, damage due to game) were more important. The increasing proportion of salvage felling is considered by Kupka (1995) to be a clear symptom of the growing instability of forest ecosystems in the CR. 12 112 i0 2 r-4 r-t Fig. 2. Timber felling in the CR (millions m 3) in the period of 1963-1995: 1) total felling, 2) total salvage felling, 3) salvage felling due to meteorological extremes.

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