Commentaries of Ruy Freyre De Andrada (Broadway Travellers) by C. R. Boxer

By C. R. Boxer

First released in 1930. 'The Broadway travelers consolidates its already excessive recognition via issuing this volume...' SpectatorThis is the 1st translation of the Commentarios considering that unique book in 1647. Copies of the unique are very infrequent but the paintings covers an traditionally major interval, describing the operations top as much as the trap from the Portuguese of Ormuz, within the Persian Gulf, via an Anglo-Persian strength. Of value within the heritage of the increase of the Indian Empire, this can be the 1st revealed account of the Portuguese model of the affair.The appendices comprise many formerly unpublished Portuguese files, crucial of that is the whole magazine of Edward Monnox, who was once current through the operations.

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The Portuguese, by their own account, had decided to send them out, but the signal agreed upon to recall Ruy Freire from Ormuz to assume the command of them miscarried, and owing to the faint-heartedness of the "almirante" Luiz de Brito they declined to accept the challenge and made no move. " Ruy Freire was disposed to these conditions, but demanded that the same terms should be extended to his Moslem Ormuzian auxiliaries. This Monnox at declined to do, as by the terms of the treaty with the Persians they were entitled to all the Mohamedan prisoners, and that therefore these auxiliaries would have to be surrendered to the Khan.

1 Ruy Freire had indeed made efforts to induce his men to follow him in a sally upon the enemy, but the garrison, although forward enough in slaughtering defenceless women and children during the raids on the neighbouring villages, and although they had bravely defended the fort the attacks of the numerous but ill-armed Persian army, had not heart enough to a numerous and well-equipped European enemy, the more so since the latter heavily outgunned them. " Both sides violated the terms of surrender, for the English besides handing over the auxiliaries to the Khan, also disarmed the Portuguese soldiers (who amounted to under 300 out of the 2,000 with which the fort had originally been garrisoned), the majority of the Portuguese proceeded to Ormuz of to Sohar and Muscat, as had been agreed upon in the .

On the other hand, the war in which the Persians had involved themselves with the Portuguese had been largely brought about by the favours granted to the English merchants, and if these refused to aid the Persians it would in all probability have meant the loss of their silks and the of the trade which had so painfully been built up and from which so much was . The was long and debated, but eventually, largely owing to the efforts of Edward Monnox, the Company's indefatigable agent in Persia, it was resolved to grant the Khan's and to remove once for all the Portuguese supremacy in the Persian Gulf by co-operating with the Persians in their attack on Kishm and Ormuz.

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