Cities of Whiteness (Antipode Book Series, Book 10 ) by Wendy S. Shaw

By Wendy S. Shaw

This groundbreaking ebook brings the research of whiteness and postcolonial views to undergo on debates approximately city change.A thought-provoking contribution to debates approximately city switch, race and cosmopolitan urbanismBrings the learn of whiteness to the self-discipline of geography, wondering the inspiration of white ethnicityEngages with Indigenous peoples' studies of whiteness – prior and current, and with theoretical postcolonial perspectivesUses Sydney for instance of a 'city of whiteness', contemplating developments comparable to Sydney's 'SoHo Syndrome' and the 'Harlemisation' of the Aboriginal group

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14 ‘Critical race studies’ and the rise of ‘whiteness’ There is a strong tradition of interest in issues of racial segregation and racism within Geography (for a review see Anderson 1998). In North 28 ENCOUNTERING CITIES OF WHITENESS America, early studies tended to concentrate on the formations of ‘ghettos’, with pioneers in the study of racial segregation including DuBois (1899) and Weaver (1948). 16 These three studies were the hallmarks in Geography’s ‘critical race studies’. In Peter Jackson’s Progress in Human Geography report (1985a), the state of critical race scholarship was summarized within four categories.

Fixed and undifferentiated’ (Anderson 1998, 206). Consequently, she argued, these ‘neat stories of unilateral hegemony’ (Anderson 1998, 210), were downplaying and homogenizing difference. Meanwhile, some geographers were attempting to encompass the concept of difference by reorientating scholarly attention to the project of identifying the politics of difference (Dunn 1993, Fincher and Jacobs 1998, Young 1990). Difference, in Australia, focuses mainly on migrations. Since colonization in 1788, migrants have come in waves.

To a single variable [race]’ (Leitner 1992, 106). Geography may have taken a useful turn in theorization but in practice, simplistic racial categorizations prevailed. Smith 1989, 1990). Most significantly, these studies sought to contextualize racialization. By 1998, Kay Anderson had identified a worrying trend in racialization research. She remarked on the persistence of ‘an ordered (racialized) reality whose subject positionings [remained] . . fixed and undifferentiated’ (Anderson 1998, 206).

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