Circle of Fire (Prophecy of the Sisters, Book 3) by Michelle Zink

By Michelle Zink

With time dwindling yet her will to finish the Prophecy superior than ever, Lia units out on a trip to discover the remainder keys, find the lacking pages of the Prophecy, and persuade her sister Alice to help--or hazard her lifestyles attempting. Lia has her loved Dimitri by means of her facet, yet Alice has James, the fellow who as soon as enjoyed her sister--and probably nonetheless does. James does not understand the reality approximately both sister, or the prophecy that divides them. And Alice intends to maintain it that means. There are a few secrets and techniques sisters should not intended to percentage. simply because after they do, it destroys them. This gorgeous end to Michelle Zink's Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy will make asserting goodbye bittersweet for readers.

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Dimitri offered to accompany us home, but it is difficult enough to address the questions of Sonia and Luisa. I am not sure I have the courage to face those in Dimitri’s eyes. Not tonight. I am grateful when Luisa breaks in before I have time to answer. “I’m sure Lia has no idea what Alice is doing here. How can anyone know what Alice is thinking? ” “I suppose not,” Sonia says. “There is a purpose to everything Alice does,” I say. ” “I cannot believe—” Luisa starts but then stops abruptly. I shake my head in the darkness, watching the smoky streets and the faceless figures that walk them.

I have tried to forgive Sonia her betrayal in the wood leading to Altus. Am still trying to forgive it. But every time I look into the chill blue of her eyes, I remember. I remember waking, Sonia’s kind face above me, her warm hands pressing the hated medallion to the soft skin at the underside of my wrist. I remember her voice, familiar from many months of shared confidences, feverishly whispering the words of the Souls who would use me as their Gate to bring forth Samael. I remember it all and feel my heart harden just a little more.

What are you doing here? ” There are other things I should say. Things I should shout and demand. But the Masquerade and my shock conspire to keep me polite, even as a scream threatens to wrench its way free from my throat. “I’ve come to do some shopping. ” She says it as if her purpose is obvious, and I cannot help but feel I have fallen into the Otherworlds, to a place that looks and sounds like my own world but is, in fact, a version twisted and wrong. “Preparations? ” I feel like the village idiot.

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