CFD Best Practice Guidelines for CFD Code Validation for by F. Menter, B. Hemstrom

By F. Menter, B. Hemstrom

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Has the asymptotic behaviour been evaluated. Have results been plotted for different grid spacing. Based on the above questions, was the finest grid sufficient to resolve the main flow features. 3. Time Discretisation Errors • • • • • • • Is the order of the scheme given in the simulation report. Is the order of the scheme sufficient for the simulation. Has a systematic time step refinement process been carried out, and how many steps have been used. Are the results of the time step refinement study given in a systematic way.

1 Demonstration Experiments Purpose The purpose of a demonstration exercise is to build confidence in the ability of a CFD method to simulate complex flows. While validation studies have shown for a number of building block experiments that the physical models can cover the basic aspects of the target application, demonstration cases test the ability of a method to predict combined effects, including geometrical complexity. 2 Description For an aerodynamic study, a typical hierarchy would be: 34 • • • Verification – Flat plate.

Discussion of existing simulations for this testcase. Definition of target variables for convergence studies. 4. CFD Model • • • • • • • • • Description of the CFD method. Description of the spatial and temporal discretisation. Description of the modelled geometry (symmetry, omission of details). Grid Generation. Description of numerical grids (size, structure, problems). Selected and applied models. Which models are used (turbulence models, assumptions, model errors, alternatives). Physical Properties.

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