Carnival by Rawi Hage

By Rawi Hage

A stirring new masterpiece from the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award–winning writer of Cockroach and De Niro’s Game.
In Carnival, the world over acclaimed writer Rawi Hage takes us into the area of Fly, a taxi motive force in a crime-ridden apocalyptic city.
Raised within the circus, the son of a golden-haired trapeze artist and a flying-carpet guy, Fly sees every thing, taking in the entire city’s carnivalesque attractiveness and ugliness as he roves via its dizzying streets in his taxi. Fly is a reader, too, and while he’s no longer in his taxi he's at domestic within the both dizzying labyrinth of books that fills his tiny condominium. His ally is Otto, a political activist who’s out and in of jails and asylums, mourning his lifeless spouse and misplaced foster son. On one differently tawdry evening Fly meets Mary, a book-loving passenger with a domineering husband. So starts a romance that's, for Fly, a quick glimmer of sunshine amid the shadows and grit of the Carnival city.

Along with Otto and Mary, Fly introduces us to madmen and revolutionaries, magicians and prostitutes as he selections them up and drops them off, touring via a nightmarish city that is—we can’t aid yet notice—a parable for our personal debauched, unjust world.

Wildly resourceful and darkly ironic, Carnival is a powerful achievement.

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