Canvas Pocket Reference: Scripted Graphics for HTML5 by David Flanagan

By David Flanagan

The Canvas point is a progressive characteristic of HTML5 that permits robust pics for wealthy web purposes, and this pocket reference presents the necessities you want to positioned this point to paintings. when you've got operating wisdom of JavaScript, this booklet can assist you create specified, interactive, and lively pics - from charts to animations to games - even if you are a net fashion designer or a programmer drawn to photos. Canvas Pocket Reference offers either an instructional that covers all the element's gains with lots of examples and a definitive connection with all of the Canvas-related sessions, tools, and homes.

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Info bezierCurveTo() This method adds a new point P to the subpath and connects it to the current point with a cubic Bézier curve. The shape of the curve is specified by two “control points” C1 and C2. At the start of the curve (at the current point), the curve heads in the direction of C1. At the end of the curve (at point P) the curve arrives from the direction of C2. In between these points the direction of the curve varies smoothly. The point P becomes the new current point for the subpath.

AppendChild(img); All browsers are required to support the PNG image format. Some implementations may support other formats as well, and you can specify the desired MIME type with the optional first argument to toDataURL(). See the reference page for details. There is one important security restriction you must be aware of when using toDataURL(). ” A canvas is not origin-clean if it has ever had an image drawn in it (directly by drawImage() or indirectly through a CanvasPattern) that has a different origin than the document that contains the canvas.

IE 9 is likely to follow suit. Firefox and Opera perform compositing “globally”: every pixel within the current clipping region is composited for every drawing operation. If the source does not set that pixel, then it is treated as transparent black. info Figure 1-14. Compositing operations with soft transparency the source and inside the clipping region. Figures 1-13 and 1-14 were generated in Firefox, and this is why the boxes around “copy”, “source-in”, “source-out”, “destinationatop”, and “destination-in” are thinner than the other boxes: the rectangle around each sample is the clipping region and these four compositing operations erase the portion of the stroke (half of the lineWidth) that falls inside the path.

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