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90). The meals were made up of lentils (a low GI food), baked potato (a high GI food), glucose (the reference GI food) and water, which of course has no GI rating as it does not affect blood sugar. One interesting find of the study was the lentil group burned more fat during exercise than the glucose or potato groups and lasted longer on the bike test than the other groups. Several studies have found that eating low GI foods, prior to endurance exercise, results in more fat burned and improvements in performance.

35 Brink’s BODY Chapter 1/Why Is The Glycemic Index Important? BUILDING Revealed know that insulin metabolism out of control will make a person rather fat, since insulin is a primary hormonal mediator of fat storage. Insulin resistance increases the number of calories stored as fat and increases the amount of fat produced by the liver from carbohydrates. It gets worse: it turns out that insulin plays a big role in whether we produce our own fat from carbohydrates. And if we are making even a little fat, we turn off our ability to burn fat because the body does not make new fat and burn already stored fat at the same time.

If you eat, say 50 grams of carbs found in the form of oranges, your blood glucose would probably rise approximately 44 percent when compared to glucose. So, the GI rating for oranges would be 44 on the glucose scale. Using white bread as the reference carbohydrate, it would be a different number. Capiche? It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes. Douglas Adams Copyright Will Brink & Internet Publications. WARNING: This e-book is protected by Federal copyright law.

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