Biomaterials for Musculoskeletal Regeneration: Concepts by Bikramjit Basu

By Bikramjit Basu

This e-book covers the fundamentals of the biomaterials technology its purposes to bone tissue engineering. The introductory part describes the main priceless innovations and methods on the topic of the mobilephone and molecular biology with a specific concentrate on comparing the biocompatibility estate. The structure of this booklet allows more uncomplicated figuring out of the world of bone tissue engineering. The booklet integrates the fabrics technology and organic technology. It covers processing and uncomplicated fabric homes of assorted biocompatible metals and ceramics-based fabrics, in vitro and in vivo biocompatibility and toxicity review within the context of bone tissue engineering, and processing and houses of metal-, ceramic- and polymer-based biocomposites, together with the fabrication of porous scaffold fabrics. The ebook can be utilized as a textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate coursework. it is going to even be an invaluable reference for researchers and execs operating within the area.

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The properties of a material are dependent on the nature of bonding and structure. Based on the nature of bonding (and hence based on the properties), materials can be broadly classified into three categories: metals, ceramics and polymers. In this section, the characteristics and relevance of these primary material classes are briefly described. 1 Metals The attractive properties of the metals are their strength(load bearing capability), ductility(ability to undergo permanent deformation without failure), malleability (the ability to deform them into different shapes, like wires, sheets) and their toughness (ability to resist failure) [1, 2].

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