Between Two Worlds: Memoirs of a Philosopher-Scientist by Mario Bunge

By Mario Bunge

To struggle through the pages of the Autobiography of Mario Bunge is to accompany him via dozens of nations and look at the highbrow, political, philosophical and clinical spheres of the final hundred years. it's an adventure that oscillates among diversified worlds: the several and the same, the pro and the personal.

It is a longtime incontrovertible fact that certainly one of his nice loves used to be, and nonetheless is, technology. He has continuously been devoted to clinical paintings, instructing, examine, and coaching women and men in a number of disciplines.  Life classes fall like ripe fruit from this publication, bringing us in the direction of an idea, a philosophical thought, a systematic digression, which had due to the fact that been exposed in different notes, articles or books.

Bunge writes in regards to the existence reviews during this e-book with ardour, naturalness and with a colloquial frankness, whether or not they be persecutions, banishment, imprisonment, successes, would-be losses, feelings, relationships, debates, impressions or critiques approximately humans or things.

In his pages we move through the folks with whom he shared a fruitful century of achievements and really good depths of concept. every thing is remembered with sincerity and humor.

This autobiography is, truthfully, Bunge on Bunge, sharing every little thing that passes during the sieve of his reminiscence, as he might say.

Mario’s many grandchildren are a testomony to his proud status as a family members guy, and on the age of ninety six he supplies us a ebook for everybody: if you happen to worth the stories that carry the trauma of his lifestyles in addition to when you proportion his ardour for technological know-how and tradition. additionally, possibly, for a few with whom he has had disagreements or controversy, for he nonetheless merits acceptance for being a staunch defender of his convictions.

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A movie was made about the gunfights in the cold rooms of the big meat-packing plants, all of them in American or British hands, which, according to the Communist leadership, were “friendly imperialists”, and hence the union should drop its grievances – exactly what the Peronists needed to win the workers over. Spruille Braden, the American ambassador, encouraged us, the opposition, to what we wrongly judged to be the local version of fascism, while in fact it was an original product that in the end introduced a few good changes, such as the feminine vote, along with many bad ones, such as the union mafias.

When I asked him what would happen in the next episode, he amazed me by saying that he did not know it beforehand: he would learn it as he wrote. Did the same happen with his more eminent colleagues, Balzac, Dickens, and Dumas père? Paula, another close friend, was a very competent and serious nurse with advanced ideas. Once she laughed at me because I was wearing a patriotic cockade. I was shocked to hear her say that the flag was just a piece of cloth. But a few years later, when the Nazis rose to power, Paula dropped her internationalism, and we never saw her again.

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