Banking on Death: Or, Investing in Life: The History and by Robin Blackburn

By Robin Blackburn

The onset of globalization and the getting older of populations have inspired efforts to denationalise the investment of retirement, placing in danger public pensions in lots of nations and giving pension and assurance cash nice monetary strength. deepest money take pleasure in important public subsidy, within the form of significant tax breaks, but usually fail to provide their policyholders a say, or join wider social ambitions. Banking on Death lines the heritage of pension provision around the complicated capitalist international. It concludes that tax concessions will be restricted to these money which adhere to socially dedicated and sustainable funding courses, ideally on a not-for-profit foundation. Blackburn deals a lucid survey of the debates at the way forward for social defense within the usa and the struggles over pension provision in Britain , France and Germany. instantly radical and lifelike his research exhibits how grey capitalism should be reworked in pursuit of innovative pursuits.

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Malthus and some other early economists that it aroused in them the mother of all welfare panics. Malthus's famous Essay ott the Principle of Population (1798) carried the sub-title 'as it affects the Future Improvement of Society, with remarks on the Speculations of Mr Godwin, M. Condorcet and other writers' . Malthus was scornful of Condorcet's proposal for social insurance funds for those left in distress by the hazards of life, even funds primed by contributions from potential beneficiaries.

R in Welfare: Pensions versus Stock Markets, London 200 1 . 3 Peter Drucker, The Unseen Revolution: How Pension Fund Socialism Came to America, New York and London 1976. This was a perceptive work which is discussed below. 4 Data from Gemini Consulting and Merrill Lynch, The Wealth Report 2000, cited in the Financial Times, Wealth Survey, 1 7-18 June 2000. 5 Laurence J. KotlikofT and Daniel E. Smith, Pensions in the American Economy, Chicago 1983, p. 14. 6 This is a problem with two books which raise interesting and important issues but do not succeed in tackling them in a rounded or satisfactory way: David Thomson, Selfish Generations: How Welfare States Grow Old, Cambridge 1996; and Peter Peterson, Gray Dawn, New York 2oob.

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