Back to Before (Animorphs: Megamorphs, Book 4) by K. A. Applegate

By K. A. Applegate

What may you do in case you had the chance to alter your lifestyles? not only the place you reside or who you hang around with, yet your earlier, current, and destiny? seems like it'd be beautiful cool, correct? good, that's what Jake notion. He proposal it would be more straightforward if the Animorphs had by no means existed. If they'd by no means met Elfangor. in the event that they all had the opportunity to be "normal" kids.     

Jake will get his wish.     

But issues aren't particularly so simple as they appear. simply because the Animorphs now not exist doesn't suggest the Yeerks not exist. other than now Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, and Marco can't morph. They don't even understand the Yeerks are in the market. And it's no longer one of these marvelous existence. . . .

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