Astrobiologist by Mary Firestone

By Mary Firestone

Astrobiology is the examine of lifestyles within the universe. It contains the fields of astronomy, physics, biology, geology, paleontology, and so forth, similar to microbiology. The interest of scientists who wonder whether existence exists someplace along with Earth has created this new technology. when you consider that we can't but commute to different planets, astrobiologists needs to commence with the single existence we all know approximately: lifestyles in the world.

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Astrobiologists work on research. They build on discoveries made by other scientists and apply these theories and principles to their own scientific study. 47 Chapter 6 Becoming an Astrobiologist TRAINING FOR ASTROBIOLOGISTS If you’re interested in a career in astrobiology, you should take as many math and science classes as you can. This will give you a strong background for courses in biology, physics, and advanced mathematics in college. These are the foundations of astrobiology training. Scientists use the principles of math, physics, and chemistry to understand life in the universe.

Elliptical: Oval-shaped. Emission: To discharge a substance. Eukaryotes: A branch of organisms that includes plants, animals, and fungi. Evolutionary genomics: The study of how the genetic codes of organisms change over time. ” Extraterrestrial: Something that originates, is located, or occurs outside Earth or its atmosphere. Extremophiles: Organisms that are able to survive in harsh environments, such as those that lack oxygen or light, or are extremely cold or hot. Fissures: Cracks. Fossils: Traces left in rock or other material of organisms that were once alive.

Solar system: A group of planets orbiting around a star. 59 Spectrometers: Instruments for measuring the intensity of radiation as a function of wavelength. Spectroscopy: The examination of spectra. Spectrum: Range of colors or frequencies. Submersible: Vessel able to explore underwater. Terrestrial: Of the Earth. Thermoacidophiles: Organisms that thrive in hot, acidic environments. Ultraviolet radiation: Energy emitted in the form of light from the ultraviolet segment of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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