Aritsts Journals & Sketchbooks Final by Lynne Perella

By Lynne Perella

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The Inspector considered this. —he had dawdled behind at the boat-house. But it was far from conclusive. “Well, fire ahead,” he urged the sergeant. “It just caught my eye, the edge of the label affair. Just sticking out from under the bottom boards of the boat. ” He fitted it into the key-hole, and locked and unlocked the window. “That’s it all right,” he agreed and stood silent for a few moments, tapping the key against the palm of his left hand and staring absent-mindedly about the room. Suddenly he emerged from his brown study and walked across to the mantelpiece.

You see, it was gone eleven, and I was just going to shut up the house. Mrs. Davis is always telling me to be careful of the gas, and there was only one light burning. The Admiral came just inside the door, and stood where you might be standing now, sir. ‘Is Mr. ’ he asks, sharp like. And almost before I had time to say he was in bed, he said that it didn’t matter and that he couldn’t wait, as he had a train to catch. He wasn’t here no more than a few seconds, sir. He seemed in a hurry, but I couldn’t properly see his face.

Then you, Sergeant, come up to the house with me. Hempstead, you’ll stay on here. We’ll be down again as soon as we can. ” The two men hurried back to the house, and the Inspector led the way straight to the french window which was foremost in his thoughts; one thing was certain, the key was not on the outside. They hurried round to the front door and rang the bell; after an interval of at least three minutes, during which the Inspector fumed impatiently, Emery opened it and admitted them with the same air of incompetent reluctance which had been the Inspector’s first impression of him.

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