Arab nationalism and the Palestinians, 1850-1939 by abdelaziz a. ayyad

By abdelaziz a. ayyad

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Cairo: Matba’at Issa Al-Halabi, 1989, Volume l, p. 46. 20 50 THE ARAB MOVEMENT AND THE PALESTINIAN RESISTANCE Letters of support were sent by Palestinians to the major participants in the conference, emphasizing the call for Arab support to Palestinians as a way of putting an end to the Zionist danger. Out of 387 letters, 139 came from Palestine. Despite this fact, the conferees ignored the call for encountering Zionism and its dangers, which could explain the Palestinian Arabs’ reservations and criticism concerning the Paris conference.

The British ‘concern’ for the Jewish cause could be said to characterize the nature of European colonialism, which took the form of economic penetration, colonial settlement and later on, total political and military domination. It also coincided with the Ottoman effort to employ a process of reformation. The measures adopted by the Ottomans were designed to meet the requirements of integration into the world trading market and, at the same time, served as the tools with which the process of colonial settlement in Palestine gathered momentum.

133-142. 28 In addition to the financial aspect, there was a political aspect too. It was clear that the immigrants were being used as pawns in the political game being played by Russia and Britain in which each sought to gain influence in the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans, therefore, enacted laws that prevented Jews from becoming permanent residents of Palestine. The Jewish immigrants also posed a threat to certain social classes. 38 After the failure of the Bolshevik Revolution, there was a considerable increase in Jewish immigration from Russia.

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