Anarchy Works by Peter Gelderloos

By Peter Gelderloos

This e-book takes examples from worldwide, deciding upon via background and anthropology, displaying that individuals have, in numerous methods and at diverse occasions, validated mutual reduction, self-organization, autonomy, horizontal selection making, and so forth--the rules that anarchy is based on--regardless of whether or not they referred to as themselves anarchists or now not. Too good documented to be strictly mythology, and too generalized to be strictly anthropology, this can be an inspiring resolution to the folk who say that anarchists are utopian: a point-by-point creation to how anarchy can and has really labored.

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Needless to say they were persecuted by Catholic authorities and by supporters of Luther and banned from many cities, but they continued to travel around Bohemia, Bavaria, and Switzerland, winning supporters and stoking peasant rebelliousness. In 1524, peasants and urban workers met in the Schwarzwald region of Germany and drafted the 12 Articles of the Black Forest, and the movement they created quickly spread. The articles, with Biblical references used as justification, called for the abolition of serfdom and the freedom of all people; the municipal power for people to elect and remove preachers; the abolition of taxes on cattle and inheritance; a prohibition on the privilege of the nobility to arbitrarily raise taxes; free access to water, hunting, fishing, and the forests; and the restoration of communal lands expropriated by the nobility.

A second question answers the first: who controls education in our society? ” But if human nature is not fixed, if it can encompass a wide range of possibilities, couldn’t we use a romantic dose of imagination in envisioning new possibilities? The acts of rebellion occurring within our society right now, from the Faslane Peace Camp to the Really Really Free Markets, contain the seeds of a peaceful and openhanded society. Popular responses to natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans show that everyone has the potential to cooperate when the dominant social order is disrupted.

The diversity of forms they developed is a testament 1 Alan MacSimoin, “The Korean Anarchist Movement,” a talk in Dublin, September 1991. MacSimoin references Ha Ki-Rak, A History of the Korean Anarchist Movement, 1986. 41 to the freedom they created themselves. Where once all these villages were mired in the same stifling context of feudalism and developing capitalism, within months of overthrowing government authority and coming together in village assemblies, they gave birth to hundreds of different systems, united by common values like solidarity and self-organization.

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