An Inkwell of Pen Names by Stephen Smith

By Stephen Smith

An Inkwell of Pen Names tells the tales of a hundred authors' pen names in 100 brief chapters. Many different authors who used pen names are mentioned by the way. positive factors of the compendium contain pen names starting with each letter of the alphabet, authors from twenty-five international locations, the recipients of the Nobel Prize for literature who used pseudonyms, and a balanced collection of women and men authors.

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186) Great Britain doesn’t have many long rivers and the Orwell, which runs ten miles through Suffolk, is one of the shortest. Nevertheless, Eric Blair liked the river and dipped into it for his pen name. George derives from Greek elements meaning land and work so it was a natural choice for an author who had an affinity for the land and its people. In fact, when he was in his late twenties he spent time tramping and hop-picking in and around London. During those jaunts he assumed the name P. S.

E. (Charlotte Maria Tucker) 1821-1893 Sax Rohmer (Arthur Henry Ward) 1883-1959 Michael East (Morris Langlo West) 1916- C. 3. 3 (Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde) 1854-1900 Fanny Fern (Sarah Payson Willis) 1811-1872 Christopher North (John Wilson) 1785-1854 Peter Pindar (John Wolcot) 1738-1819 S. S. Van Dine (Willard Huntington Wright) 1888-1939 An Afterword Dedication To my parents, who always encouraged me in the right way. Acknowledgments A warm and hearty thank you to the following people for the assistance and encouragement they have given me: Bruce Felton, Professor Vincent G.

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