American heroes in Special Operations by Oliver North; Chuck Holton

By Oliver North; Chuck Holton

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[Includes five figures and 21 maps]Situated among the Suez Canal and Israel and marked through the tough atmosphere of the principal Sinai lies Abu Ageila, an unprepossessing zone of low ridges and hills by which passes the best-surfaced street within the peninsula. because of its place at the critical path, just about the Israeli-Egyptian border, Abu Ageila grew to become the most important to the Sinai within the Arab-Israeli wars of 1956 and 1967.

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The remainder of the combat uniform is peculiar to parachute troops. a. Trousers These are like skiing trousers, quite long and loose, and gray in color. They have buttoned pockets on the sides 495191 --° 42----3 26 ENEMY AIR-II(RNE, FOR(IES of the thighs, in which such articles as garrison (overseas) caps and swastika flags are kept. b. Helmet This is round in shape, and is thickly padded with rubber, with a narrow brim and practically no neck-shield. It is varnished a matt blue-gray, or mottled, color, and bears ordinary German Air Force insignia.

GERMAN GLIDER-BORNE DEVELOPMENTS 20. THE COMBAT EMPLOYMENT OF GLIDER-BORNE TROOPS In warfare the advantage of the glider over the airplane is its more silent arrival at an objective. Using the DFS 230 Glider, the Germans landed a few glider-borne troops at the Albert Canal and Fort Eben Emael in 1940. Such troops were previously in readiness during the invasion of Norway, but whether they were actually flown to combat in Norway is debatable. After Belgium fell, the Germans pushed their glider-training program.

There is no reason why a number of other weapons could not similarly be dropped complete. In most cases they are suitable for separation into several loads, but vital time may be saved by dropping them complete. The use of several parachutes together, common in the past, has sometimes proved unsatisfactory; large parachutes are therefore being made which will take loads up to 500 pounds. 2 This weapon, employing the Guerlich, or "squeeze" principle, is 28 mm at the breech and 20 mm at the muzzle.

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