American Folk Art of the Twentieth Century by Jay Johnson

By Jay Johnson

This illustrated advisor to American folks artists and their paintings spans a century of painters from Grandma Moses to Kathy Jakobsen and covers such media as sculpture, pottery, and fabric creations.

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They are infused with a sense of rural activity. Farmers rake, sow, and plow; housewives hang out the wash or cook the enormous meals demanded by such strenuous activity. Even the children are busy, milking cows, surface. In recent years carrying the wash, or feeding the chickens. In a sense, Cooper is a memory childhood experience, but he carries later is much of his work is drawn from looking for new ideas and new themes. He painter, for always with him paper and pencil with which he can render quick sketches to be turned into more fully developed drawings on pieces of butcher paper the size of the canvas on which the final painting will be done.

Carter works in acrylics on Masonite and takes as his subject matter scenes of activity: men working in the woods, trucks hauling out the enormous logs, all the hustle and bustle of a woodsman's life. He also paints quiet interiors: a woman preparing breakfast for her husband or children playing. Regardless of subject, Born in Turley, in 1928, Carter handles the paints to create textures reminiscent of the woods. Patches of bare ground, walls, floors, even a shirt remind one of the rough bark of a tree or the striated surface of a freshly cut pine log.

New — York City in 1881, Branchard held a variety of jobs truck driver, civilian-defense policeman and took in boarders to help make ends meet. It was, in fact, one of his roomers who launched Branchard on his career. An artist who was unable to pay his rent left paints and canvas to cover the bill, and Branchard used them to do his first work. The first impression stuck, for he always preferred to work in oils on canvas. After a siege of tuberculosis forced him from the job market, Branchard devoted much of his time to painting, producing a body of interesting work.

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