All Love, SKHM Manual by Teresa Parrot, Graham Crook

By Teresa Parrot, Graham Crook

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8). Kohut, the consummate clinical researcher, continues with reminding his critic: "We must, therefore, not attempt to disavow empathy but must examine it and study its applications with the ultimate aim of cleansing it of any impurities that would dis- 28 PAUL H. " As if to make sure that his views were unmistakably clear this time, as if to prevent any further misunderstanding or inconsistency, Kohut summarized his views on ernpathy in three concise paragraphs. What follows this summary is vintage Kohut: he considers that "as so often happens in science, these misunderstarldings and inconsistencies [he had repeatedly encountered] point yet to an unfinished task" (chap.

INTRODUCTION 47 serious insufficiencies in the development-enhancing ~natr-ixof the selfobjects of his childhood" (p. 115). Later he underlines this view once more when he discusses the therapeutic principles that flow from this understanding: "The decisive step we undertake. . is correlated with our understanding that the socalled defense-resistances are neither defenses nor resistances [in the traditional sense]. Rather, they constitute valuable moves to safeguard the self; however weak and defensive it rnay be, against destruction and invasion.

That defines the depthpsychological field and provides its essential theoretical basis" INTRODUCTION 43 (chap. 12). " These general remarks about concept formation in self psychology offer us a perspective from which to assess the heuristic value and clinical usefulness of conceptually uniting certain clusters of synlptoms (syndromes) and personality patterns (typology or characterology) which Kohut described during this fourth period. Concepts such as the "understimulated self," the "fragmenting self," the "overstimulatecl self," and the "overburdened self' not only call attention to certain "frequently occurring clusters of' experience" but also point to specific pathogenetic factors in infancy and childhood as well as to expectable transference configurations in the treatment process.

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