Aeternitas: A Spinozistic study by H. F. Hallett

By H. F. Hallett

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This time we may then transform into scientific, Absolute, or macrocosmic time by leaving out the point of reference given by the now or by the present epoch, but carefully (and illegitimately) retaining the direction of flow from earlier to later. 30 AETERNITAS This is not the place to attempt more than the most superficial and incidental comment on Mr. Alexander’s conception of SpaceTim e, but I may perhaps venture to suggest that even the Time element of Space-Time does not escape this analysis: for even if its characteristics can be shown to cohere with (I must not say ‘depend on’) the three dimensions of the space-element, Mr.

W e can invent new vehicles and efficients. ‘ Qui causam alicujus naturae (veluti albedinis, aut caloris) in certis tantum subjectis novit, ejus Scientia imperfecta est; et qui effectum super certas tantum materias (inter eas, quae sunt susceptibiles) inducere potest; ejus Potentia pariter imperfecta est. A t qui Efficientem et Materialem causam tantummodo novit (quae causae fluxae sunt, e t nihil aliud quam vehicula et causae Formam deferentes in aliquibus), is ad nova inventa, in materia aliquatenus simili et praeparata, pervenire potest; sed rerum terminos altius fixos non m w et.

Duration includes both externality, or extensive quantity (which it shares with Extension), and also transformation or temporal quality (which is its differentia). From these two threads there is woven that successiveness which is an inescapable characteristic of our crude duration; and it is this imperfection, involving as it does negation, which incapacitates duration for survival in the Real. 1 But the qualitative element of duration does not in itself include (or perhaps imply) negation, and in so far as it does not, it may survive the processes of intellectual criticism, and so be recognized as a character of the Real.

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