A Journey in the Seaboard Slave States, Volume 2: With by Frederick Law Olmsted

By Frederick Law Olmsted

Frederick legislations Olmsted (1822-1903) used to be a journalist and panorama dressmaker who's considered as the founding father of American panorama structure: his most famed fulfillment used to be valuable Park in manhattan, of which he turned the superintendent in 1857, yet he additionally labored at the layout of parks in lots of different burgeoning American towns, and was once known as through Charles Eliot Norton 'the maximum artist that the United States has but produced'. His A trip within the Seaboard Slave States used to be initially released in 1856, and arose from trips within the south which Olmsted, a passionate abolitionist, had undertaken in 1853-4. This variation used to be released in volumes in 1904, with the addition of a biographical cartoon by way of his son and an advent through William P. Trent. It abounds in attention-grabbing and witty descriptions of Olmsted's encounters and studies in a society which used to be at the verge of overwhelming switch.

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X. was a very fine man—rich, got a splendid plantation, lived well, had plenty of company always, and there were a number of other show plantations near his. " " Plantations belonging to rich people," he said, " where they had everything fixed up nice. There were several places that had that name; their owners always went out and lived on them part of the year, and then they kept a kind of open house, and were always ready to receive company. He reckoned I might go and stay a month round on them kind of places on river, and it would not cost me a cent.

There was a brick fire-place in the middle of the long side of each living room, the chimneys rising in one, in the middle of the roof. Besides these rooms, each tenement had a cock-loft, entered by VOL. I I . — 4 . 50 The Seaboard Slave States steps from the household room. Each tenement is occupied, on an average, by five persons. There were in them closets, with locks and keys, and a varying quantity of rude furniture. Each cabin stood two hundred feet from the next, and the street in front of them being two hundred feet wide, they were just that distance apart each way.

I have seen another slave-engineer. The gentleman who employed him told me that he was a man of talent, and of great worth of character. He had desired to make him free, but his owner, who was a member of the Board of Brokers, and of Dr. 's Church, in New York, believed that Providence designed the negro race for slavery, and refused to sell him for that 56 The Seaboard Slave States purpose. He thought it better that he (his owner) should continue to receive two hundred dollars a year for his services, while he continued able to work, and then he should feel responsible that he did not starve, or come upon the public for a support, in his old age.

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