?????? A illustrated guide to edible wild herbs of China by ???

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中国科学院植物研究所对全国各地可食野菜进行调查,收集了100个品种和56个参考品种,编绘了图文并茂的《中国野菜图谱》专著 。

Includes 157 species with colour illustrations and short descriptions.

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Still, we must ask, among many other questions, why would such a provocative and poignant letter from a historian, who was increasingly attracting attention at least from the mid-Han, only appear more than 150 years after it was written? Determining the exact date when the Letter was written has been an intractable problem. I believe it still is. 7 Does it matter whether the date is 93 or 91 b ce? Yes, a clear and convincing date and context would be one argument in favor of its authenticity. The Letter indicates that Ren An, to whom Sima Qian writes, is under a death sentence.

30? b ce). The latter lived in the generation after Sima Qian and made a number of additions to the Shiji text. Among these additions is a short note on Ren An appended to Sima Qian’s biography of Tian Shu. To put the matter directly, Sima Qian did not deem it necessary to include a biography of Ren An in Shiji, but Chu Shaosun did. Esther Klein tucks away the following important questions in a footnote: “Why was it that Sima Qian did not write about Ren An? Why was it that Chu Shaosun did? Is it not surprisingly convenient that Chu has given us so much information about Sima Qian’s correspondent?

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