A History of Canadian Literature by W. H. New (auth.)

By W. H. New (auth.)

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Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Gift of Wings

Mary Henley Rubio has spent over 20 years getting to know Montgomery’s existence, and has prepare a entire and penetrating photograph of this Canadian literary icon, prepared in wealthy social context. large interviews with those that knew Montgomery – her son, maids, buddies, relations, all now deceased – are just a part of the cloth accumulated in a trip to appreciate Montgomery that took Rubio to Poland and the highlands of Scotland.

A voyage to the North West Side of America: the Journals of James Colnett, 1786-89

The magazine of James Colnett is the final unpublished account of the early maritime fur alternate at the Northwest Coast. among 1786 and 1789, Colnett’s day trip traversed the coast from Prince William Sound to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Its participants have been the 1st Europeans to come across the Tsimshian and the southern Heiltsuk, and the 1st to land at the southern Queen Charlotte Islands.

The Scottish Pioneers of Upper Canada, 1784-1855: Glengarry and Beyond

Glengarry, top Canada’s first significant Scottish payment, used to be proven in 1784 through Highlanders from Inverness-shire. Worsening monetary stipulations in Scotland, coupled with a transforming into wisdom of higher Canadas possibilities, ended in a turning out to be tide of emigration that at last engulfed all of Scotland and gave the province its many Scottish settlements.

Facing Eugenics: Reproduction, Sterilization, and the Politics of Choice

Dealing with Eugenics is a social heritage of sexual sterilization operations in twentieth-century Canada. real-life stories of guys and ladies who, both coercively or voluntarily, participated within the biggest felony eugenics application in Canada, it considers the effect of successive criminal guidelines and scientific practices on shaping our figuring out of up to date reproductive rights.

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Walker, Vetch, and Nicholson Resolved one morning to raise two armies. Oh, what a job they had on their hands! ) To the same event, Fran<;ois Mariauchau d'Esgly (c. 167~1730) tried his hand at the mock epic catalogue, while Joseph de la Colombiere (1651-1723) resoundingly attributed the French victory to the intervention of the Mother of God. Their writings declare the public response to the British and also suggest the extent to which the 36 entire community employed literature as a weapon of cultural defence.

Even in the seventeenth century a belief in monsters and humanoids persisted (as it perhaps persists today, in the stories of the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti, or their Canadian equivalents Ogopogo and the Sasquatch). The German geographer Levinus Hulsius (d. 1606) produced in 1623 an engraving of 'blemmyae', men with their heads in their chests; Le mercure galant reported in 1683 that literal half-men (men with only one leg and one foot) lived in the Arctic. The belief in monsters coalesced with a belief in demons: a Giacomo Castaldi (fl.

There were outposts and colonies instead, and the distance of these places and the people in them from the centres of empire to which they felt connected left its mark upon their writing. Many literary efforts were formal imitations; whether able or amateur, they reflected what was understood to be (or at least to have been) fashionable elsewhere- in Paris, London, or later Boston and Philadelphia. Some were expressions of exile - songs, plaints, descriptions of loss. The dominant literary forms of the period were loosely reportorial in mode - journals, letters, chronicles, documentary records- all of them designed to send impressions from the edge of civilisation to an authority who stayed back home.

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