A Drifting Boat: Chinese Zen Poetry by Dennis Maloney, J. P. Seaton

By Dennis Maloney, J. P. Seaton

New translations from chinese language Zen poets

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One monk here, at eighty, has never heard tell of the "world " down below . A Letter Sen t The family's living up Brocade Creek , while I've struggled off to this distant sea . Of ten letters sent, maybe one gets through , and when it does it say s another year ' s gone by . Extempore Parting with the Monk Ho-la n Wild monk, come to make a parting with me . We sit a while on the san d beside the welling source . . A far way you'll g o on an empty alms bowl , deep among mountains , treading fallen flowers .

Idle cranes Prolong their watergazing. Lazy bees sip flowers . Hungover , I can ' t open a book , Go hoeing In spring shade . Across the Huai delt a An occasional bell tolling . One path enter s The root of a cloud . Bamboos so ol d The wind drones through . Pool so pure , Its ancient sourc e Appears . And sympathize With the old-time painters , Drawing woodcutters And fishermen . A lofty monk Dusts the sutra stand : Tea and talk Till dark . Living as a Recluse on the Lake On the Lake Returning Lat e Lakewate r Comes into the yard .

One moon: this is my mind's light . Rain comes as if from an overturned tub . Poems too, like water spilling . The two rivers compete to see me off; In the treetops the slanting line of a bridge . rapt in wine against the mountain rain s dressed I dozed in evening brightnes s and woke to hear the watch drum striking daw n in dreams I was a butterfly my joyful body ligh t I grow old, my talents are used u p but still I plot toward the retur n to find a field and take a cottag e where I can laugh at heroe s and pick my way among the muddy puddle s on a lake side path To the tune of huan chi sh a Drinking with Liu Tzu-yu at Gold Mountain Templ e "I wandered along the Ch'i-shui to Clea r Spring Monastery .

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