A Bardon Companion: A Practical Companion for the Student of by Rawn Clark

By Rawn Clark

Elevated and up-to-date moment version of Rawn Clark's useful commentaries on Franz Bardon's 3 books: "Initiation Into Hermetics", "Practice of Magical Evocation" and "Key to the genuine Kabbalah". encompasses a new, extra in-depth statement on IIH. totally listed!

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It is entirely up to you to decide how long the accumulated Vital Energy should occupy the space. Bardon gave several examples in this regard so I won’t go into particulars as to what duration you should use for what task. And third, you must give it sustenance. In time, your dynamic accumulation will dissipate and lose it dynamism so if you wish a longer duration for the accumulation you will have to arrange for its replenishment. This can be accomplished in two ways. Most obviously, you can periodically accumulate more Vital Energy within the space and thus revitalize its accumulated dynamism.

If only we are truly willing to learn the lessons that each moment holds for us. Every interaction, every perception, every feeling and every thought is a brand new opportunity for us to learn something new or to refine what we already think is true. But whether or not we choose to learn from any given thing or moment is entirely up to us. What is required for genuine success with Hermetic initiation is a passionate desire for learning and an openness to whatever the lesson might be. In other words, we do not turn away from difficult lessons; we embrace them because they are our doorways to true knowledge.

In other words, expand your body’s limits respectfully and gradually instead of rudely and all at once. This will make you much more resilient in the long run. At the end of each exercise, you must expel all of the accumulated Vital Energy so that your body returns to its normal state. At first, this is achieved through the practice of whole body magical exhalation which you are already familiar with. Once this method is mastered, you begin to practice an explosive release in which the whole of the accumulated Vital Energy is released from its confinement all at once in a single expulsion.

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