50 Fast Flash MX Techniques by Ellen Finkelstein

By Ellen Finkelstein

* 50 cool options that might take your Flash animations to the subsequent point. contains themes equivalent to Simulating a 3D dice, growing an Explosion, development Letters from an photographs, Making Mono Clips Sound Like Stereo, making a 3D Morph, Triggering Speech Bubbles, development a User-response shape, placing a Flash motion picture onto a PDA.* Covers the most recent Flash "X" free up. each one of these results is usually created with Flash 5.* 50 step by step how you can make your Flash five and Flash "X" animations extra amazing, enticing, powerful, and enjoyable. incorporates a 32-page full-color insert highlighting the main dramatic visible tips.

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Add a keyframe at Frame 16 of each of the tiny bubble layers. For each layer, click Frame 16, click the selected tiny bubble, choose Alpha from the Color drop-down list of the Property inspector, ■  Chapter 1 2D Animation and set the alpha to 0%. ) Doing this makes the tiny bubbles disappear also. ■ Click Scene 1 to return to the main Timeline. STEP 7: CREATE BUBBLES BUBBLING UP AND POPPING In this step, you combine bubble-movie, which wiggles bubbles, and pop, which pops them, to create an animation that lets the bubbles rise.

Technique 3, another cartooning effect, creates a talking head. Here you create several mouth positions and sync them with the sound of the words. In Technique 4, you learn how to produce a ripple effect, like the ripples on a pond — very soothing! In Technique 5, you discover how to dissolve a vector graphic into a bitmap, in this case, a photo. Technique 6 shows how to morph a geometric shape into an image, such as a cat or a face. Technique 7 creates bubbles rising in water. Technique 8, the kaleidoscope, is a cool 1960s effect.

6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until the circle is completely filled up with wedges. ) 7. Click the wedges layer to select everything on the layer. Choose Insert ➢ Convert to Symbol. Name the symbol kaleidoscope, keep the default movie clip behavior, and click OK. STEP 3: CREATE THE MOTION TWEENS You now have a lot of wedges. To create the kaleidoscope effect, you now create a symbol of shapes to tween in the wedge symbol. When you’re done, each of the wedges becomes animated.  ■ Double-click wedge in the Library (Window ➢ Library) to edit it.

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